• Wash And Iron
    (4-5 Shirts/Kg)150/Kg

* Minimum Order 4 Kg

Premium Wash is also called as Hygenic Wash which is now a days very popular.It includes Antiseptic washing with dettol to get rid-off from infection.It is in high demand for making the formal clothes like new everyday and also for the infection free wash of kidswear.

Process Of Premium Laundry is :

Spot Cleaning And Notification

MSKCLEAN agent will PickUp your clothes from the given address free of cost. Our Laundry experts first checkout for spots and holes in each and every cloth you will give.Its our prime duty to notify customers about their clothes after detection process.

Premium Servicing

Your clothes will be washed under the supervision of our laundry experts and will be treated with Fabric Softeners and Fabric Conditioners to give you a feel of new fresh clothes after that Steam Ironing will be done for well fold.

Individual Packaging

After Premium Service of laundry,Premium packaging is also important to mantain the freshneshness and fine fold of clothes.So,Don't worry about that MSKCLEAN will provide you premium quality of laundry packaging of each cloth seperately.

Delivery & Customer Satisfaction

We will deliver your clothes in the next 48 hours of PickUp time. At this step you have 2 options to pay your bill amount.

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